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Founded in 2009 to enable customer success in a data-driven market. Our strategy is shaped by our observation that business often have a gap between the strategy and the skills available to affect it.


Our approach is to make a difference by owning the problem and taking responsibility for customer success.


The essence of this organisation is in its people. Our ability to listen and understand our customers requirements, along with our capacity to bring relevant skills and tools to bare is what allows us to deliver winning solutions.



While we are geographically dispersed, we never miss an opportunity to get together and collaborate.

Our Team
Location Strategy


We have a three prong approach to service our customer needs.

Computer Keyboard


Onsite resources are the answer where there is a requirement for close day-to-day collaboration performing a range of tasks such as development, support, administration, engineering or projects.


Sometimes it is just a client preference.


Our Nearshore Technology Hub is based in Portugal, giving us the close collaboration capabilities.


The rest of the level 2 and level 3 team is geographically dispersed across Major European Locations working 100% remote while only being a short plane journey away.


Our Offshore Competency Centre has full Level 1 24x7x365 NOC, Level 2 and Level 3 capabilities.


We are the representative office for Aptus India for the European Market.



Built on the early success of our Offshore Engagements and listening to the needs of our customers to have delivered Local European Presence." Aptus EU provides Nearshore and Onsite capabilities with specialised and generalised Engineering, Administrative, Project, Development and Support Resources. With a competency centre in Portugal for Application support and a model of remote work for our staff, we have lead the way pre and during Covid 19 on remote working methods.

The founders of the brand Aptus, Aptus India has built a formidable and Agile offshore Competency Centre which has proven time and again, experienced and attractive to compete with the Big Tier 1 Managed Services Organisation. Aptus India offshore services adhere to strick SLA's / SLO's governed by ITIL best practices. The team comes with hundreds of years of experience under the leadership of Rama Prasad. We are pleased to continue to work as their European Representatives.

Nearshore vs. Offshore


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Based on principles instead of technologies, we approach problem solving by understanding that every organisation has a unique requirement and that the solution needs to blend in and complement the organisation.

DevOps Professional Build, Migrate, Automate, Optimise, design and Engineering Services

DevOps Core Code Repository Management, Continuous Deployment, Continueous Integration (CI/CD) & Pipeline Services, Automation and SDLC Services

SecOps Core

All Cloud Security Delivery, including Network Security, email security, SOC and SIEM and Persistent Threat prevention


Database Management

DBA Admin

Standard wrap around Database Administration Services

DBA Enhanced

Database Design experts in Database analysis, remediate and optimise. 

We analyse and interpret most taxing SQL queries and provide a course of recommendations to streamline and improve Database Queries.

DBA Intelligence

Big Data, Data Transformations ETL's and Analytics



Data Centre Application Migration Programmes


Trust our team to find the balance between minimal service impact to the business while taking advantage of opportunities to enhance and improve business capabilities and offering


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Data Centre Application Migration to Cloud Programmes leading the transformation of "On Prem" Applications to Cloud "ready" and the migration of those services to the Cloud.

We maintain neutrality on Cloud Provider and agnostic to the ecosystem of Enterprise and Open Source Tools


Application Testing

Application Functional installation, upgrades, testing, troubleshooting and operations Non-Functional Testing

Application Development

Full stack, Frontend, Backend & Micro-services Development. 


We can provide resources to complete your Development sprints

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Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 18.22.45.png

Platform Administration Administration performing tasks to protect the integrity of the platform with a focus on availability, capacity and performance.

Platform Engineering Building Roadmaps and the associated Engineering Builds to support Platform Evolution



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